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Monday, June 26, 2017

Big Finish Announces 2017 Short Trips

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Big Finish today released the new trailer for their January release Doctor Who – Short Trips: The World Beyond the Trees.  This is written by Jonathan Barnes and read by Nicola Walker.

Following on from this short story they also confirmed the release of:

February: Gardener’s World – written by George Mann and featuring Tim Treloar playing the Third Doctor where he and Jo have a run in with some shrubbery.

March: How to Win Planets and Influence People written by James Goss and starring Rufus Hound as the Monk talking about the Darcon Corporation and what they’re really up to.

April:  Flashpoint written by Andrew Smith with Sheridan Smith reprising the role of Lucie Miller as she helps a lost child.

May: Falling by Jonathan Barnes with Anneke Wills telling us about Polly’s adventure with the First Doctor and Ben.

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