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Monday, June 26, 2017

BBC Sells Rights to Doctor Who Music

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The BBC has sold the rights to theme songs and music from Doctor Who and other shows.

BMG has picked up the rights to more than 1,000 copyrights on theme songs, background music and music cues from BBC Shows.

Alexi Corey-Smith, the executive vice-president of BMG UK, said “It is a real honor to be entrusted with these great BBC works.  Shows like Luther, Doctor Who and Mrs Brown’s Boys and many others in this catalog are household names.  We are committed to providing them with similarly unrivaled service and transparency.”

Now that BMG has those rights they can use the music in anything including advertising.  Even though they can exploit this music the Beeb still has a tight grip ensuing that the music isn’t being used in a negative way.

We’ll have to see the first time we hear any Who-related music show up and how that will feel.

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