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Monday, June 26, 2017

My Wild Theory on Who Bill Could Be

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We still have to wait until 2017 until we get to meet the Doctor’s newest companion, Bill.  But, who is she?  There are so many rumors about who she might (and might not) be.  We’ll here’s my theory.

According to a post on Gallifrey Archive today the title of the first episode of series 10 could be “A Star In Her Eye”, and this post of Pearl Mackie’s script:


Since this is Bill’s introductory episode could the title be a reference to her somehow?  So who could the “her” be in the title?  The moment I heard this I thought that “her” could be a reference to Clara.  So, maybe Bill is her (and Danny’s) daughter.

Let me explain why this COULD be.

Claras Post Its

First off, in the episode “Dark Water” Clara calls Danny to tell him something.  During that scene we see MANY Post-It Notes scattered across the wall behind her.  A few of these included “Just say it” and “Three Months”.

Just Say ItThree Months

Of course, at the time this episode aired rumors about her being pregnant came out, but nothing came to that considering that Danny died at the end of this scene.  Maybe Clara was pregnant.  She could have been three months pregnant at the time she called Danny and not be showing.

Now, let’s go back to the fourth episode of that series, “Listen”.  In that story we are introduced to Orson Pink.  The Doctor says that he is from 100 years in Clara’s future and he has something to do with Clara’s timeline.  During their conversation the topic of time travel is brought up, and Orson says that “it runs in the family”.  He starts to mention something about his great grandparents then an awkward scene occurs between the two.

That scene screams that Clara is Orson’s great grandmother.  Yes, Clara is technically dead, but knowing how Moffat works she might have given birth to Bill.

This might be the craziest thing you’ve heard, but I’d love to hear what you think?  Who do you think Bill is?

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