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Monday, June 26, 2017

Bill’s Teaser Scene Causing Continuity Issues with Moffat

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In April we got a teaser clip introducing us to Bill as the new companion.  Even though it was used for publicity purposes it might not be seen in anywhere in series 10.

“Know how pedantic I am, I’ll probably work [the intro scene] in somewhere.”  Moffat told Doctor Who Magazine.  “But there is also an absolute possibility that I just won’t bother.”

There are some fans that think that this should be weaved into the series of adventures, but does it really matter?  Being a continuity nut myself, I took this as what it was – a teaser.  If Moffat wants to try to stick it in a Dalek adventure then have at it, but I feel that it might take away from the flow.

This teaser felt like an introduction for us to the character and she felt like she was too new to the Doctor too.  Having this put into a story that, most likely, won’t be the first adveture they have together might slow the pace down.

I think we should take it as what it is – a teaser to introduce Pearl Mackie to the Whoniverse.

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