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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


BBC Sells Rights to Doctor Who Music

The BBC has sold the rights to theme songs and music from Doctor Who and other shows. BMG has picked up the rights to more than 1,000 copyrights on theme songs, background music and music cues from BBC Shows. Alexi Corey-Smith, the executive vice-president of BMG UK, said “It is a real honor to be entrusted

Series 10

My Wild Theory on Who Bill Could Be

We still have to wait until 2017 until we get to meet the Doctor’s newest companion, Bill.  But, who is she?  There are so many rumors about who she might (and might not) be.  We’ll here’s my theory.

Rest In Peace

RIP: Michael Napier-Brown (1937-2016)

The actor Michael Napier-Brown has passed at the age of 79. He appeared at Arturo Villar in the 1969 The War Games, the final Troughton adventure.  You might remember the character as a soldier from the Mexican Civil war that helped the Doctor and his companions against the War Lords. His daughter Kate broke the news of

Series 10

David Suchet to star in Doctor Who

The BBC announced today that David Suchet will appear in the new series of Doctor Who.  He will play a character called “the Landlord” in an upcoming episode of the long running sci-fi show.  The episode will be written by Mike Barlett (whose written King Charles III and Doctor Foster). No details have been revealed


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